The courageous actions of the 40 passengers and crew members aboard United Flight 93 have been the focus of media attention since that fateful day nearly a decade ago. The quest to fund and build the Flight 93 National Memorial has been extensively covered by press – locally, nationally and even internationally.

Below is a sampling of media pieces that have covered some of the recent milestones in the history of the Flight 93 National Memorial including the 2009 and 2010 September 11th commemoration ceremonies, the 2009 ceremonial construction groundbreaking for the memorial, and ongoing construction and fundraising efforts.

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1/19/12 – Annual Board re-organization:  Pittsburghlive  News Article

Flight 93 Plaque Dedication in Capitol ……. Press Release  –  Video
05/19/2011 – Channel NY1 Flight 93 Article
05/17/2011 – Channel NY1 Flight 93 Article
05/12/2011 – Karl Rove Article
05/02/2011 – NY Times Article
03/31/2011 – Fox News Article
03/10/2011 – Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article
09/11/2010 – NPR Article09/11/2009 – San Francisco Chronicle – Ride With the 40
11/07/09 – CBS Evening News Article about Groundbreaking
09/11/2009 – Newsday – Colin Powell
09/11/2009 – CNN Article
09/01/2009 – New York Times Article