Our Mission

The Families of Flight 93 is a private not-for-profit  charitable organization working in partnership with the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation, the Flight 93 Federal Advisory Commission and the Friends of Flight 93 with the mission to work collaboratively toward the creation of the Congressionally mandated Flight 93 National Memorial.

The Families of Flight 93 were incorporated in December, 2002 with the sole intention of securing a seat at the table with the newly established Flight 93 National Memorial partnership. Our intention has always been to assist in the completion of and help sustain a permanent memorial to the heroes of  United Airlines Flight 93. Our family organization is represented by Board Members dedicated to carrying out our By-Laws.

The Families of Flight 93 are dedicated to memorializing the forty passengers and crew of United Flight 93, who on September 11, 2001 foiled the third prong of a terrorist attack on The United States of America. In doing so, they lost their lives. Their efforts saved countless lives on the ground in Washington, DC and perhaps one of our country’s greatest symbols of democracy.

The Flight 93 National Memorial, located in Shanksville, Somerset County, Pennsylvania will be our nation’s memorial to the extraordinary courage of forty individuals and to their collective actions.


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